Techealth app is simple, practical, and safe. Created by doctors for doctors

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We created a very efficient platform with a unified interface for you to perform any kind of work and control all processes going on in a medical establishment. This system simplifies data collection, storing, and analysis. The program also allows monitoring business analytics in full. Besides it provides marketplace where with the help of Techealth app you can easily inform a patient about services performed at your clinic, its location, available doctors, and possibility to make an appointment via the app.

How it works

  • Reception

    Each patient who applied to the clinic for medical assistance is included into the system with the help of “Reception” module. The clinic staff can either arrange the patient’s visit to a doctor or cancel it, as well as get information about current work of a doctor. The module makes it possible to save information about the patient in a unified format.

  • Cash

    The patient pays for examination or other service before seeing a doctor. Patient’s medical record remains unavailable for the doctor until the payment if fulfilled. The full list of fulfilled payments and medical services which have been carried out is available for a patient in downloaded Techealth app.

  • Doctor

    This platform allows a doctor to see the list of patients whom he or she is going to examine this day. He or she can also find information about patients appointed on a particular day in calendar. “Doctor” module makes it possible for a doctor to control the work with a particular patient remotely.

  • Laboratory

    This part of the program allows adjusting the following work in a laboratory:

    • — To include in the list new tests to be done
    • — To prescribe a patient any necessary tests
    • — To determine the price for each test in particular or for all tests from the list with the total price calculated